Prayer groups

The ONLINE prayer circle takes place every Wednesday at 7.00 pm.


There is a prayer breakfast every third Saturday of the month at 9.00 am.

Small groups

The small group for young adults meets on Thursdays at 7.00 pm in Urfahr.

Refugee work

Anyone who visits the Baptist congregation in Linz will quickly realise that we are a very colourful, fun-loving community. Refugees have not just been around since 2015.


Already among the first brothers and sisters of the community were people who were expelled from their homeland; German speakers from Eastern Europe who had to leave their homeland after the Second World War.


This particularity of our foundation has become part of our identity and so we are always active in helping uprooted people. We actively accompany migrants and asylum seekers and support them in asylum procedures as well as in their daily lives.


We give fifteen nations a home in faith and regularly offer baptism courses and discipleship courses, because ultimately we only find our true home with Jesus.

Building project

There is always something to do!


Our church building was built in the late sixties. It has served us for over 50 years and has been a blessing for countless people, many groups and great projects. It has never been renovated or refurbished. 


With a new building it will be possible to fill this location with life and blessing for many more years!


Therefore, a new event and community centre will be built in 2023/24 together with the Freikirchen.Bank and Plus Immobilien.




Raimundstr. 20

4020 Linz


Tel.: 0699 109 837 65


Jeden Sonntag

16.30 Uhr
im Gebäude der MF-Linz
Im Haidland 3
4030 Linz