NOVUM Linz - Event centre


Plus Immobilien GmbH and the Hilfsverein der Baptisten Österreichs have decided to cooperate with their respective partner organisations - novum Locations GmbH and the Linz Baptist Church - to build a new event centre in Linz (Novum Linz).


The target location is the current property of the Hilfsverein at Raimundstraße 20, 4020 Linz.


Due to its central location (near the main railway station) and good public transport connections, this property is an ideal place for an event centre.

Seminars and workshops are to open up a space for education.


The community hall - a space for church services as well as a space for events.


The building is to become a meeting space - for the neighbourhood, for people near and far.


With OM Austria's headquarters in the building, it will also be a space for mission.


We are very much looking forward to the many opportunities and options that will be created with this new meeting space in Linz!

Building plans

With four floors (plus basement), the new building will be perfectly integrated into its surroundings.


Barrier-free access and state-of-the-art equipment offer space for countless possibilities.


On the ground floor, the kitchen, toilets, a large common room and a small meeting room are planned. The ground floor leads directly into the garden. In addition to a beautiful terrace, there is a large grassed meadow area.


On the first floor, the community/event hall including a baptismal font will be built. A parent-child room is planned in the rear area.


The second floor offers space for seminars, meetings, children's services, workshops. Four spacious seminar rooms and a kitchenette offer space for a variety of activities.


The headquarters of OM Austria will find a new home on the third floor.


On the fourth floor there is a penthouse or shared flat for rent.


And in the basement, in addition to the underground garage, there is also plenty of space for technical and storage rooms as well as a huge youth room.


The financing is provided by Freikirchen.Bank - A brand of the Spar- und Kreditbank Evangelisch-Freikirlicher Gemeinden eG. We are pleased to have found this special partner for the project.


Individuals or congregations can support the building project with an interest-free loan.


Furthermore, there is a building account of the Hilfsverein where donations can be deposited. These donations are tax deductible.

This project can hardly be managed alone. We are grateful for all those who are willing to support this project in any way.


Especially in the construction and opening phase, we are very glad about any help!

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Raimundstr. 20

4020 Linz


Tel.: 0699 109 837 65


Jeden Sonntag

16.30 Uhr
im Gebäude der MF-Linz
Im Haidland 3
4030 Linz